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The Next Generation Manufacturing Workforce

One of the biggest challenges of Manufacturing workers and front line operators while in manufacturing facilities, laboratories, maintenance shops, etc. is the amount of equipment and paperwork they must have access to perform any daily job requirement or task.

In today’s manufacturing suites, proper control and the validity of information must be up-to-date and allow the operator to have reference to critical instructional information with instant access at all times.  Workers are picking up equipment, computing devices, processing paperwork, reading manuals and procedures, accessing various tools and components, and manually filling out forms and manifests in daily work functions.   What if you could change that paradigm?

Please watch our video below for more information on Conneion.

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Conneion is a smart-glasses based solution that allows you to have data and information live into your field of vision.  With Smart-Glasses you can read LIVE and the most current instructions direct from your internal systems and record results in REAL TIME.   Data is always present in your field of vision regarding operators manuals, reference imagery, procedures for step-by-step tasks, and the ability to log data and record information by simply using the glasses hands-free eliminating everything but the tool kit from your daily work.   This efficiency reduces the risk of using out dated versions of documents and the challenges of filling out paperwork manually after completing work assignments.

Conneions glance-and-go simplicity guides you with each step and keeps your hands free to do your job.

Conneion can help you with following the most current operating procedures, equipment maintenance, calibration, setup, troubleshooting and training.

Conneion is GxP compliant, Part 11 qualified and built to retain a zero data footprint residing on the Smart Glasses at all times.

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