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for the Next Generation Manufacturing Workforce

One of the biggest challenges of manufacturing workers and front line operators while in manufacturing facilities, laboratories, maintenance shops, etc. is the amount of equipment, paperwork and training they must have access to perform any daily job requirement or task.

In today’s manufacturing suites, proper control and the validity of information must be up-to-date and allow the operator to have reference to critical instructional information with instant access at all times.  Workers are using equipment, computing devices, processing paperwork, reading manuals and procedures, accessing various tools and components, and manually filling out forms and manifests in daily work functions and potentially without proper training.   What if you could change that paradigm?

Please watch our video below for more information on ConneXion.

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a Mixed Reality smart glasses software platform that improves productivity, increases efficiency, assures compliance and reduces risk.

        • a Software as a Service platform providing a live, direct link between supported smart glasses and company data
        • is designed to ensure a zero data footprint – all data on the smart glasses (imagery, videos, displayed information, read/write modes) is transient to and from customer’s libraries
        • is hardware independent and will work with all ConneXion certified Mixed Reality smart glasses of one type or different types simultaneously
        • is developed to comply with highly regulated industries governed by the FDA, HHS, and others

Use Cases in Manufacturing, Processing & Training:

WIM – Work Instruction Management (Structured Content)

        • Warehouse inventory mgmt., kitting
        • Equipment setup, installation and startup
        • Calibration, maintenance and troubleshooting
        • Manufacturing processing, MES and EBR
        • Building and environmental monitoring mgmt. BIM, BMS

On-Demand Content and un-structured Activities

        • Virtual / Remote Training as needed
        • Remote Assistance, Expert and Quality Oversight

Virtual Training

“When traveling is prohibitive or you can’t be next to the equipment”

In a classroom or general office setting, virtually train on any complex component without having to travel or take the instrument off-line.

        • ROI includes: Reduced Travel Costs; higher retention rate of content, and reduced staffing needs for instructor led and on-the-job instruction
        • Remote Expert and Quality Oversight (viewing through the eyes of the wearer, virtual rooms)

The Training Video above is….  as seen through the eyes of the glasses wearer.  The yellow dot on the screen is the head/eye position (cursor) of the person wearing the mixed reality glasses.  You are seeing what they are seeing.

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Contact us at Sequent, Inc. for an onsite demo and let us introduce you to ConneXion and The Next Generation Workforce.

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About Us

With decades of experience in deploying enterprise solutions, we bring to you a wealth of experience and deep industry knowledge.  We can integrate and streamline most aspects of your operations while providing regulatory agency insight.  The ConneXion team at Sequent, Inc. is a proven Life Sciences solution delivery partner.